December 10, 2020
CANON EOS 6D + SIGMA 35mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art
ƒ/ ISO
Wind and Rain in watercolor - I’ve been editing some of my photos in the Waterlogue app. This one was taken about a year ago at my husband’s home farm. It was a cold and windy morning and they had just gotten rain after a period of drought. The uncertainty of weather is a constant in a farm family. When I came back inside his dad curiously asked me why I was taking a picture of that mud hole. I showed him and he grinned.
Amy Meng
I embraced photography and found the art provided hope and respite. As a professional Kansas based photographer, I create fine art photography capturing creative and timeless images to highlight hope and beauty in the everyday. I find photography provides a chance to slow down and get curious. The art gives me an opportunity for creativity and contemplation. And as a way to share my voice with the world. Welcome to my world!
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